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Simplicity also extends to the user experience. Intuitive websites, easy-to-navigate apps, and streamlined purchase processes enhance customer satisfaction. These intelligent solutions prioritize the user's needs, making their journey smoother and more enjoyable.Moreover, simplicity in data analysis and interpretation is crucial. In the age of big data, marketers often drown in information. Yet, the most intelligent insights come from distilling complex data into actionable strategies. Simplified data analytics help us understand our customers better and fine-tune our marketing efforts accordingly.Intelligent marketing solutions through simplicity foster transparency. Honesty and authenticity resonate with today's consumers. When we simplify our messaging to reflect our true values and intentions, we build trust and loyalty with our audience.In conclusion, intelligent marketing solutions through simplicity empower us to connect, engage, and inspire our audience effectively. In a world saturated with information, simplicity is the key to creating meaningful and lasting connections with customers.

What we do!


Marketmaker can speed up the process of launching your (online) business in the Nordic region. We can help you facilitate your market introduction, connecting you with the right partners and service providers.Interessted in in connecting with the Nordic Online ecosystem? Marketmaker will help you by cutting down business development time and providing you with a flexible solution for your business. Are you already established? Let us help you grow!We are, fun, fast and hardworking!



Programmatic Trading Advice - which DSP, SSP, DMP or other acronym is best for you? Data is the key, let us help you utilize the best data available for reach and frequency. Attribution setup for the best media buy for the right strategy.

digital venues


Business Development/Sales/Partnerships. Interim management
Distribution/Reseller Partner
Lead Generation Services
Strategic Consultancy
Affiiate marketing / Choose the best partners

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc


Let us help you to set your best social media and data strategy. Everything is connected and social is becoming more and more important to reach the set goals. We have the tools and the measurement platforms to do it right.


Email marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses, allowing targeted messaging, automation, and a clear measurement of ROI.Remember, it's crucial to avoid spammy or irrelevant emails that could turn customers away. By mapping out customers' communication journeys and understanding their needs at each stage, you can create highly relevant and effective email content.And of course, always test different elements of your email campaigns to optimize your strategy and improve results over time.With the right approach, you can find the optimal email frequency, subject lines, and calls-to-action to engage your audience best.

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